Privacy Policy - Effective from 25th May 2018

1. Introduction
This policy sets out how and what information we hold, how we process your data, who we
share it with and your options.

2. What types of personal data do we use?
When making a booking with us as a minimum we require your name, contact telephone
number, an email address and any special dietary requirements. This information allows us
to confirm your booking by email and allows us to contact you by phone if required.
Address information is not compulsory when making a booking but if provided it allows us to
collect data on the geographic locations of our customers. We do not intend to use your
address to write or post marketing literature, but it does allow us to post Gift Vouchers
should you request us to do so.

As payment is made by you directly to our bank account we do not hold any banking details. A paperless chip and pin service is available for purchasing drinks on board and your
payment will be processed by IZettle

3. Where will we collect personal data from?
When making a booking, by phone or by posting or emailing the booking form.

4. Who do we share your data with?
We do not share your information with anyone.

5. How do we use and safeguard your data?
We use your data to manage our bookings and diary system and to discuss the
arrangements of your sailing experience. All data is deleted and destroyed after your sailing
experience and whilst we hold your data we have a variety of security measures in place to
protect your personal information. These include electronic and physical safeguards and

6. How to contact us
Call 07976 214569 or use the correspondence address below.

Website Contact Form

Our website has a contact form and this contact form can be used as a point of contact.
Information entered into the contact form with agreement to the privacy notice means a
member of our team will be able to contact you to discuss your booking / enquiry further:
The information we will ask for, so we can get in contact with you is:

  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email
  • Message

This information is the minimum we require.

7. News and Special Offers
All our news and special offers can be found on our Facebook page.
We do not sell, trade or transfer data to third parties other than Facebook and twitter which
are all used for the purpose of advertising

8. Subject Access Request (SAR)
A Subject Access Request can be made by any data subject. Sail N Dine will comply with
these requests as soon as possible after the identity of the data subject has been confirmed.

To make an SAR with Sail N Dine please direct your request via email to:

John Haworth (Data controller) at with the subject line "Subject Access
Request" and please provide as much information as possible to aid us in performing this task.

Sail N Dine
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